Elder care employee safety guidelines


BNV Home Care Agency, Inc. is taking the first step towards a safer work environment.  No one goes to work expecting to have an accident. Accidents that cause injury or illness cost workers their present and extended health, as well as, impose costs onto their employers, which affect the financial health of the company.


What is Worker’s compensation fraud?

It is willful or intentional act of making a false statement or representation in order to obtain benefits or payments. Each filed claim is reviewed and may be fully investigated. If any of the facts are found to be false, inaccurate, withheld or exaggerated, disciplinary action including termination will be taken. Legal actions may also be taken.

Universal Rule – Always Be Aware!

Pedestrian Safety

  • Avoid Distraction
  • Be Alert
  • Walk Defensively/ Head Up and Know what is Going on Around You


    • Know and Follow all Traffic Rules
  • Make Eye Contact with Drivers when Crossing Busy Streets


    • Watch Out for Parked Vehicles
  • Stay in Well- Lit Areas


    • Be Cautions when Crossing Driveways and Alleyways
  • Do Not Walk in Busy Roadways


  • Wear Sensible and Weather Appropriate Footwear at All Times

Public Transportation Safety

    • Avoid Distraction- Do Not Use Headphones
  • Plan Your Route Ahead of Time
  • Do Not Run to the Train or Jump to Board a Train


    • Never Attempt to Board a Subway Train Once the Doors Begin to Close
  • Be Aware of Wet, Snowy, Icy Conditions
  • Do Not Sleep on a Train or Bus
  • Be Aware of Loud Arguments or Commotion that may be Staged as a Distraction by a PickpocketIt is the employee’s responsibilities to report all accidents and incidents involving the patient and or the caregiver. This must be done immediately so appropriate reports can be filed.